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The Children's Act

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The Children's Act (CA) came into law in 2014. This Act requires boards and schools to comply with this legislation. Find out about the key features of this Act.

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Each board is required by law to have a Child Protection Policy in place. Learn more about what is required in these policies and view sample policies.

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Find out what that an abbreviation or term means. Click into the first letter of the term to find out more.

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Child Matters is a non-government organisation, registered with the Charities Commission. Child Matters is a national charitable trust dedicated to the prevention of child abuse.

Child Matters works throughout New Zealand, educating, supporting and inspiring adults to protect children.

Learn more about what they do here; 

Health and Safety

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An introduction to the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and what this means for school boards.

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The school board as the PCBU, is responsible for creating a safety-conscious culture. This requires the board to have visible leadership and consistent messaging, along with policies and processes to ensure a safe environment for all.

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The HSWA has a strong focus on worker engagement and participation, recognising that this is essential to fostering a safety-conscious culture. The HSWA sets out these overarching duties of the board as the PCBU.

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As part of creating a healthy and safe environment, it is important that the board has good systems and processes in place for hazard and risk management. In this module, you will also learn about the difference between a hazard and risk as well as what is meant be 'reasonably practicable'.

Sexuality Education

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Sexuality Education is part of New Zealand school education. Find out why this forms part of our students' education.

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Within a school community, various groups have different responsibilities and roles for sexuality education. Find out more about these.

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ERO's document "Promoting wellbeing through sexuality education" (September 2018) describes findings of good practice for sexuality education.

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The school board includes understanding the curriculum area of Sexuality Education. This glossary has terms used in sexuality education.



This module assists understanding of effective governance in Māori medium schools 

State Integrated Schools


This module contains information about state integrated schools and the makeup and responsibilities of their boards.

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This module contains further information about state integrated school boards and their responsibilities.

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