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Firearms in Schools

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What is the board's role deciding whether or not firearms maybe involved with student learning and activities? What should the board have in place?

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A firearms policy is to ensure students and staff are safe in the event that firearms are proposed to be on a school site or if students are to be involved in an offsite activity involving firearms. Find out more on developing a policy for your board.

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A school environment involves students, staff, parents, neighbours, other schools and businesses, as well as other local interested parties. Having school activities which involve firearms will create interest from the community. Having effective communication with the community is an important factor.

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This module contains definitions, NZ Arms Code, and links to the legislation relating to firearms.

Cyber Security

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Cybersecurity is the protection of computer systems from the theft or damage to the hardware, software or the information on them. It is also the disruption or misdirection of services.

In this module, you will learn what this can be, who is being attacked, who is doing the attacks, and some of the reasons why they occur. 

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In this module, we look at the 5 principles to help us understand and manage cybersecurity risk. 

By understanding your exposure, you can add to your risk management processes, know what you can expect from your school's management team and be able to better manage the risk. 

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Now you know the cybersecurity risks your school is exposed to, how do you manage them?

Cybersecurity is a relatively new challenge for schools. It’s important that staff, students and parents are educated to reduce the risks.

In this module, we’ll look at how to identify your school community’s education needs, and how to implement a successful cybersecurity education programme.

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In this module, we will look at ways to keep your organisation operating when a disaster of one form or other strikes.

We will look at Business Continuity, Incident Response, & Disaster Recovery

By planning in advance, we can reduce the risk when things go wrong.

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Cyber security is more than an IT issue – a cyber incident can have serious wide-ranging consequences for your school and community.

This module is a brief overview of the basic steps which are outlined in our other Cyber Security modules.


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In this module, you will learn about Netsafe, key legislation which relates to internet use in schools, and agencies which support schools and boards in keeping their people and places digitally safe.


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Bullying and abuse is present in the digital space. Netsafe offers advice about how to respond to this. Find out in this module how Netsafe can assist.

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In this module, you will learn some basics of what to do and where to go when responding to an issue.

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Policies, guidelines and user agreements play an important role in building a culture of safe and responsible technology use in schools and kura by helping to form shared understandings in the use of technology for both staff and students. Find out more here.

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The Netsafe Schools Programme has been developed for schools. The programme helps schools establish, develop and promote online safety in their school community. Learn more about it here.

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