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Changes to delivery of professional development support

NZSTA has received a number of enquiries on whether our professional development workshops will continue to run.  We have reviewed our PLD programme for the immediate period and have made the decision to suspend the delivery of Nationally Advertised Workshops and reduce the need for face-to-face engagement for the period 23 March to 26 April 2020.

Please note that planning of NAWs for term 2 has also been suspended until further notice. NZSTA is committed to enabling trustees to have continued access to learning and development alternatives other than NAWs

NZSTA has gone digital. In light of this, we will no longer supply a printed workbook in 2020 in support of our environmental responsibilities. All workshop resources are now available 24/7  on our Knowledge Hub and we encourage you to download a copy at any stage prior to attending and bring your own device. If you wish to print out your own copy then please do so or you can print specific pages following the workshop if you desire. 

If you download adobe acrobat you can type or write directly into your digital workshop resources during the workshop.